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January 21, 2019     
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Arabian Horses in the United States and Their Origin

by General J.M. Dickinson

Reprinted by permission of his daughter Margaret D. Fleming

Part 7 - Speed

For over two hundred years the Thoroughbred race horse, tracing to Arabian, Barb, and other hot blooded oriental stallions crossed on native English mares, has been bred and trained for speed. It is therefore not surprising that a good English or American Thoroughbred can beat a good Arab 10 seconds in a mile. Surely the able and devoted breeders of the Thoroughbred have not been wasting their time for two centuries and more.

The fact remains, however, that there is no breed of horses other than the Thoroughbred that surpasses the purebred Arab in speed. Harm has been done the Arab by misinformed friends claiming more for him than can be expected. But it may be fairly said that many Arab races are won in times that are not unknown on the Thoroughbred tracks.



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